We are collaborators in a few research collaboratives to share, learn and disseminate our research across disciplines:

International Belonging Research Laboratory (IBRL)

The IBRL is a group of researchers focused on investigating the science of belonging. The IBRL has a focused research schedule and is committed to fostering cross-country, discipline, faculty and institution collaborations and disseminating research findings to the general public.

If you are a belonging researcher and would like to network with a private Facebook group, share your research or publications, network with like-minded researchers, or even collaborate on a project, please consider joining us.

If you would like to follow news and updates, please join us on Twitter and Instagram.

Consortium of Inclusive Teacher Education and Development (CITED)

We are members of an international Consortium of Inclusive Teacher Education and Development (CITED), a group of academics, teacher educators, researchers and disability advocates who work across different countries and contexts to learn from each other and from our colleagues about how we can best provide high-quality education to all children, including students with disabilities.

The Monash Addiction Research Centre (MARC)

MARC is a mechanism that helps to bring together the collective Monash expertise we have on the varied facets of addiction, showcasing this to philanthropy and government, and developing unique multidisciplinary collaboration opportunities. Read more here.

International Collaborations

We collaborate in international research projects, a snapshot of two:

International Publications

Our publications resulting from international collaborations:

Grove, C., Riebschleger, J., Bosch, A., Cavanaugh, D., & van der Ende., C. P. (2017). Expert views of children’s knowledge needs regarding parental mental illness. Children and Youth Services Review, Early Access Online. DOI:

van Doesum, K. T. M., Riebschleger, J., Carroll, J., Grove, C., Lauritzen, C., Murdoch, E., & Skerfving, A. (2016). Successful recruitment strategies for prevention programs targeting children of parents with mental health challenges: an international study. Child and Youth Services37(2), 156-174. DOI: 10.1080/0145935X.2016.1104075



Photo of Parental and Family Mental Health Worldwide Network international research conference and collaboration