Our Youth Reference Group

Youth participation

Youth participation refers to the practice of involving young people in delivery and decision-making in their communities. Youth participation empowers young people by giving them opportunities to be actively involved in decision-making, research processes and programs. Young people can see that their actions have positive outcomes, and learn skills to support their own and the wider community’s development.

Our Youth Reference Group is a passionate group of young people aged between 13 – 17 who meet regularly, primarily to ensure our projects are youth-friendly and relevant to young people and their families.

Young people’s input help our team develop more effective research processes, policies, programs and services, and increase our relevance to young people. Their participation is valued and is critical to the success of our work. 

We are committed to listening to our reference group and giving them meaningful ways to contribute.

Our Youth Reference Group are involved to:

  • develop leadership and communication skills
  • mentoreship in such a group
  • contribute suggestions of change and ideas
  • provide feedback on our research projects that are partially or well developed
  • provide input into particular work or projects on a regular basis.

The engagement of young people may consist of:

  • one-off consultations for a particular project, for example focus groups, surveys or forums
  • ongoing involvement of our group in the planning and implementation of research methodology.

Youth Reference Group Project Manager: Louisa Trainer