Our Research

Our research activities are grounded in strength based approaches, inclusive education and educational development. Our research primarily focuses on exploring the impact of vulnerability experienced by children, adolescents and families in schools and the community.
Our research team strives to provide students with expert training in the conduct and dissemination of research. Undergraduate and post graduate students with interest in working in this area are welcome, regardless of discipline. Indeed, multidisciplinary research is one of our primary values.
Research Areas
  • Student voice and engagement
  • Child and adolescent focused research
  • Inclusion and special education
  • Primary and secondary school: social and emotional learning
  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Children and families where a parent has a mental illness
  • Individuals with a disability
  • Digital Technology interventions including AI and ML
  • Mental health in children and adolescents
  • Therapy dogs

Research Methods

  • Mixed-methods research design
  • Participatory research methods
  • Qualitative methodologies