Welcome to our research site!

The Educational Psychology Research Group is headed by Dr. Christine Grové and Dr. Stella Laletas in the Education Faculty at Monash University. Our research primarily focuses on exploring the impact of vulnerability experienced by children, adolescents and families in schools and the community. We aim to bridge the field of educational psychology and inclusive education.

We’re developing a Chatbot to support young people’s wellbeing and mental health. Its name is Ash. Ash offers educational information on issues like bullying, stress, loneliness. We are collaborating with a technology partner, Botanic, to help build Ash. We are in it’s final developmental phase… we’re almost ready to pilot Ash!

Spotlight on a New Project

Meet Justine Bale. She is a Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology/Doctor of Philosophy Candidate at Monash University.  Her dissertations aims to develop a Verbal Measure of Mental Health Literacy for Children and Adolescents. Keep a look out for her latest publication & updates about the project!

Meet one of our Students